Fight against human trafficking
A web exhibition of the „task force against human trafficking“

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Scrollytelling – a unique impression

By using modern web technology and enhanced browser compatibilies, the art of telling a story gains more and more options to impress in a stunning way. But: All technological effects and animations must fit the content and the intention of the topic. So, a simple animated but topic-oriented story could be conceived. By scrolling, visitors receive the right portion of information at the right moment, according to their progress within the content on the screen.

A poster exhibition goes digital

According to UN estimates, more then 30 million people are being traded as slaves around the globe. This new slavery has many faces. The web exhibition of the task force against human trafficking aims to create knowledge on this topic among pupils. To reach this goal, 11 posters had to be transferred to the internet in relevant and media-adequate way. The exhibition should retain a unique profile and mood but use the options of the internet.

Accessible Exhibition

Based on our conviction that content on the internet should be accessible for all users, we implemented the exhibition against human trafficking accessible as well. Animations can be turned off, a tab navigation is available for the whole site, as is a screenreader function.

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Raising awareness among young people

Young target groups use the internet mainly mobile. Our response: The web exhibition was optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. The exhibition not only makes the topic relevant but offers ways to act when human trafficking is suspected.

The creative technological implementation of the website as digital storytelling creates a virtual tour around the exhibition „Human trafficking – slavery in the 21st century“. The convincing design creates a comprehensive conscience for this topic, also with a young audience. I’m confident that this web exhibition is an important contribution to sensibilization and to prevention as well as to identify and support victims. - Ambassador Elisbeth Tichy-Fisslberger, national coordinator of fight against human trafficking
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This project was special from many perspectives. Human trafficking is an issue nobody should ignore, and with this motivation we created a scrollytelling site that hopefully draws huge attention.