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GS1 Austria

Internal stakeholders and 800 web users as co-creators of website relaunch

GS1 stands for the bar code…but much more else. The company provides a globally unique identification system for sites, articles, and distribution units, thus enabling customers to guarantee global standards along the supply chain. The website relaunch should involve customers and employees of GS1.

Listening carefully: Customers of customers know best what they need

The former website of GS1 had grown over years, so the need was for a relaunch of the complete site. We asked carefully what items would really be necessary and how users could be supported the best way. And to find out that, we asked 800 out of 8.500 customers of GS1 Austria in focus groups, with expert interviews and online research. This was done in cooperation with Mag. Andreas Baumgartner of reserach institute Das Büro.

Reducing complexity without compromising on functionality

In several workshops, we reduced the complexity of navigation structure and defined several features to make access quick and simple. Service tools like a plug-in glossary are helpful and enhance user experience.

Ansicht der GS1 Austria Website
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All from a single source

Together with the website relaunch, the layout of the GS1 Austria newsletter was redesigned. We developed several mail templates that can be combined according to each situation. Those templates are realized in responsive design and were tested with many browsers and e-mail clients to provide the best presentation possible. And we coached employees on the newsletter distribution to make this quick and easy for them.

Cooperation as added value

The cooperation with the team on the client’s side was the secret behind the success of the new site. So we not only could provide solutions for existing problems, but also integrate aspects that mean a substantial optimization of the website. This not only comprises new functions but also a new topic clustering approach and consistent wording.

The new website is in accordance with logic and daily terminology in the industry, not the internal terminology of GS1 Austria. Congrats – the big investment has paid off, for us and GS1. Helmut Artner, IT, Adeg, Rewe International
We are grateful for the expertise of asoluto and perceive our new website being state of the art. asoluto dived deep into our complex subject matter quite quickly. Cooperation was professional, pragmatic, and committed. Mag. Daniela Springs, marketing GS1 Austria
For us, it was crucial to integrate our various customers and user groups. Their views were interesting, and formed a great starting point for the relaunch! Mag. Gregor Herzog, MBA - CEO GS1 Austria
Mag. Béatrice Verdino, Managing Partner Read more about Mag. Béatrice Verdino
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For us, cooperation was very targeted and efficient. GS1 representatives involved themselves very strongly, and for us as agency this was highly motivating.