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An initiative for Personalised Health Care

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Roche Österreich

A multi channel campaign that takes a close look on the future of healthcare

For the last few years, Personalised Health Care has been one of the dominant topics in the healthcare industry. Big data and the new opportunities of bioinformatics have further spurred this trend. As a pioneer in Personalised Health Care, Roche Austria started the initiative „Medizin für mich“ which strengthens the dialogue between experts of various fields, patients and their relatives, and decision makers in the healthcare business.

Ingredients of an integrated campaign

We’re very proud to share our communications skills in the healthcare sector for the global market leader in biotech. Based on a convincing storyline and the idea to put the human being into the focus of an awareness campaign on the future of healthcare, together with Roche Austria we developed the campaign strategy. An online platform collects all information on the initiative, and in addition to this on the topic of Personalised Health Care. This also forms the digital centerpiece of the initiative.
The interest in Personalised Health Care is incarnated by the young medical student Mira who accompanies us on the journey to the future of healthcare. She interviews experts of various medical disciplines – the videos are collected on the website and in a separate youtube channel. Mira talks to patients as well and as such sheds a light on the main player of Personalised Health Care: The individual human being. Info graphics and expert knowledge which is adapted for the interested public are main additional elements.

Brand Experience

Branding and imagery make the strategy and the story an experience. The individual human being is always at the center. Many parts are still to be developed, but the future is already tangible, even in those aspects than today can only be drafted. The visual cosmos, colours, typography, the icon, and especially the videos underscore this basic idea. While the topic is highly relevant, complex and many-faceted, the branding creates proximity and strong human touch.
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An exciting digital campaign arises…

A multi channel campaign

The campaign has a digital focus which is broadened by traditional communications channels. Media relations and the presence at events are cornerstones of the campaign, as are networking activities with experts and decision makers in the healthcare sector. This dialogue aims at a stronger conscience and a higher level of information in the relevant parts of society.
In May 2017, the initiative was presented in a press conference. Renowned participants included Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hellmut Samonigg, Med Uni Graz, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Gnant, MedUni Wien, ABCSG president, Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Phys. Dr. Ivo Hofacker, Martina Krammer Europa Donna Austria, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Johannes Pleiner-Duxneuner, Medical Director Roche Austria.
In the next steps, the campaign will include further relevant experts, patients, and decision makers.

photo: © Roche, Richard Tanzer

„asoluto has exactly analysed the task and convinced us with their creative solution. Their immense healthcare knowledge was a driving factor for the campaign development, especially their excellent networking in the healthcare industry.“

Mag. (FH) Veronika E. Mikl, Public Affairs Director at Roche Austria

Mag. Katja Weiss, Head of Project Management Read more about Mag. Katja Weiss
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„Dialogue is at the center of ‚Medizin für mich‘, and this was also the focus in our cooperation with the client Roche and the interview partners. As project manager, you can be more than happy to cooperate with so many interesting people and disciplines. Scientists, pyhsicians, bioinformatic experts, pharmaceuts and patients, video producers, layouters, photographers, media staff and digital programers. I’m happy to stay on board of this journey into the future of healthcare…“

Katja Weiss, project manager