What, how, and when – and who has which focus

An agency for communication + digital solutions

A creative agency, an internet agency, a pr agency… or straightaway a full-service agency? Definitions are blurring and to be honest – they do not matter anymore. What really matters are unique concepts which guarantee visibility for brands and topics and are put into practice state-of-the-art.
Websites, long-term pr guidance, social media campaigns, content management, user experience, SEO, and analytics: all of those services require very specific and versatile know-how – and that’s exactly what asoluto is standing for.


Our expertise and our support along the entire (communicative) value chain is suitable for complex digital projects but also for communication tailored to target-groups – or both at once. asoluto accompanies you throughout your whole journey – from the first thought, to the strategy and the concept and further on, as your engine and sparring partner.
Together with you, we gather all your wishes and get to know your concrete ideas to offer the best possible communication solution that reaches all the important touch points of your target-group.

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This is how we do it

Our main goal is to satisfy humans and their needs. Therefore, they are involved in every step of the project – no matter if they are our clients or their clients, test users or even fictitious personas. The whole process is very well structured – our projects are managed precisely and certified with the Austrian PR Quality Seal – because especially creativity is in need of clear/sharp guidelines. In our (linguistic) usage, “agency” and “structure” can be seen as synonyms. Our clients really appreciate that kind of organisation and it’s not unusual, that we stay in contact with them, even after we have finished the project.

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What is particularly interesting, is watching the sender and the recipient swapping their roles, so messages can be sent into both directions – that’s when our customers learn to understand the behaviour of their customers. Martin Verdino, Managing Partner

Evidence Based Design

The already long-established idea of evidence based medicine forms the basis of many of our project designs. We use a wide range of methods to make strategic, functional and visual decisions based on valid findings.


User Research

From focus groups to customer journey mapping a to stakeholder surveys + interviews


User Testing

Mentoring from the first scribbles to wireframes and prototypes – to the final digital solution

SEO Reviews + Monitoring

Assessment of web solutions concerning certain criteria, which is relevant for search engines

Accessibility Reviews

Assessment of the accessibility of design, technology, performance and the content of digital solutions

Why we do it this way?

  • Because we enjoy designing communication and the digital world, together with our customers.
  • Because we are proud of the positive effects that our work carries.
  • Because we are interested in all the details of our clients’ concerns and furthermore our shared/corporate goals.
  • Because we are encouraged by the results and the positive feedback we get.
  • Because we want to spend our time productively and want it to be effective.

Managed by owners

asoluto is operated by its owners – this makes decisions quick and provides an entrepreneurial spirit in every situation.

Managing Partners from the left: Béatrice Verdino, Martin Verdino, Andreas Freitag, Robert Bauer, Brigitte Mühlbauer

languages (incl. coding languages and sign language)
universities + other high education courses
years of experience in communications

We are asoluto

A team of 20 creative experts, looking for (various) digital and communicational challenges.

Sooner or later, every client needs certain insights into other market places – or a strong partner for local solutions. asoluto has worldwide connections and is controlling campaigns and projects in various countries: global networking at it’s best. Robert Bauer, Managing Partner

Approved quality

We carry the Austrian PR Quality Seal which attests clearly organised procedures in a stable and reliable agency, based on values and clear ethical guidelines. This opens space for creativity and fresh ideas.

Worldwide contacts

asoluto has always been a network agency: As a member of global pr network PRGN and with many further personal contacts to communications professionals worldwide. This open for our clients access to global knowledge and partners abroad wherever they need them.